I’m Beca, a native-Floridian turned PNW resident. With my iPad and Apple Pencil in tow, I’m exploring my new state and finding endless inspiration in the outdoors here. I love me some mountains. Love them.  

My logo tells a lot about me. The lettering and the flower are crisp, detailed and precise, while the painted spots are colorful, uneven and a little messy. That’s me. I am organized, I like for everything to have its place. I prefer a minimalistic look and don’t like clutter or things that aren’t functional. I get lost in the small details. On the other hand, I also love being silly and spontaneous, creating new things, and finding my own path.  I can also be messy, so even though everything has its place, it’s usually not in its place. 

I have taken several paths in my professional life over the years. I was originally an  elementary school teacher, then a Speech-Language Pathologist, and now, a hand lettering artist. On the other hand, my personal life has stayed on the same path since high school. I married my high school boyfriend/middle school best friend and we created two little people of our own. The support I have from my husband has allowed me to finally settle into who I am. I know what I want to be when I grow up.